Ode to the Unpraised

Abena Beloved Green

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ISBN: 9781989725214

Ode to the Unpraised

Stories and Lessons from Women I Know

  Author:   Abena Beloved Green    
  Publisher:  Pottersfield Press

A collection of prose and poetry exploring the practical knowledge, life lessons and personal experiences of women of color in North America and Ghana.

In The Way We Hold On, Abena writes, “This life can be a poem if you let it.” Ode to the Unpraised is a demonstration of those words. It is an invitation to readers to see their own lives as treasure troves based on real people with whom they rub shoulders in present time. It is a reminder to revel in the noteworthiness of those among them and a call to see the fortitude of their own lived and explored lives.

Insightful and experimental, Ode to the Unpraised explores the practical knowledge, life lessons, and personal essence of women in Canada and Ghana through conversation, prose, and poems. Those featured are located in Nova Scotia, Ontario and Ghana. This book was born out of Abena’s curiosity about her late grandmother’s humble yet textured life as a wife, homemaker, and respected community member.

After a missed opportunity to gather her grandmother’s personal reflections, Abena extended her reach to elders, peers, and other relatives to collect their experiences. She discovered captivating figures, expressed through first-person reflection, second-person narration, and poetry in parallel. Ode to the Unpraised is a rewarding concoction of multigenerational missteps, wisdom, and pleasures. It includes a Ghanaian returnee’s lament about the plastic waste on Accra’s streets, a mother’s conviction to preserve local languages, and a farmer’s humble collaboration with both heaven and earth.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781989725214
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PublisherPottersfield Press
PublisherPottersfield Press
Published on November 24 2020
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Pages 160
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Abena Beloved Green (aka Roots 'n' Rhythm) is a 2017 Canadian Individual Poetry Slam finalist. She is the 2016 poetry prize winner of the Writer's Federation of Nova Scotia's Atlantic Writing Competition (now Nova Writes). Abena is a two-time Halifax Slam team member (2011 and 2016) and released her debut spoken word album Beloved in 2014.