Historic Eastern Passage

John Boileau

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ISBN: 9781551096315

Historic Eastern Passage

  Author:   John Boileau    
  Publisher:  Nimbus Publishing

Drawing upon powerful images and stories of the past, John Boileau takes readers on a journey through the Eastern Passage region, including Imperoyal, Shearwater, South East Passage, Cow Bay, McNab’s Island, Lawlor’s Island, and Devil’s Island. From fortifications and quarantine sites to aviation bases and even to Bill Lynch’s amusement rides and buried treasure, Historic Eastern Passage illuminates the history of the region to the end of the Second World War.

Follow Helen Creighton on her search to record folk music and stories, or learn how the air base played a role in the first flight across the Atlantic. With attention to both the special and everyday events, a full picture of what life was once like in Eastern Passage is vividly depicted.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781551096315
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PublisherNimbus Publishing
PublisherNimbus Publishing
Published on September 13 2007
Language eng
Pages 186
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John Boileau served in the Canadian Army for thirty-seven years, retiring as a colonel in 1999, and is currently the Honorary Colonel of The Halifax Rifles (RCAC). He is the author of thirteen books and more than 500 magazine and newspaper articles. Two of his books, Fastest in the World and Halifax and the Royal Canadian Navy, have both been shortlisted for the Dartmouth Book Award for Non-Fiction. John and his wife, Miriam, live in Bedford, Nova Scotia.