Jack Scrine

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ISBN: 9781774711156


The Faces and Stories of Halifax

  Author:   Jack Scrine    
  Publisher:  Nimbus Publishing Limited

A full-colour scrapbook of Haligonians, featuring photographs and first-person stories, from the popular Facebook page, Halifolks, featuring over 150 people of diverse backgrounds and lived experiences, for fans of Humans of New York.

In the early 2010s, Australian Jack Scrine found himself in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with plenty of travel experience but little more than a camera to his name. As he wandered the city, he started to capture images that documented the eclectic, the unusual, and the everyday lives of the people around him. A fan of Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York, Scrine realized there were similar stories of love and loss, happiness and sadness, friends and enemies, and embarrassments and triumphs all around him – and Halifolks was born, first as a blog, then as a Facebook page, and now, for the first time, as a book.

Featuring 150 captivating colour images of Haligonians, both famous and obscure, Halifolks: The Faces and Stories of Halifax highlights stories that cut to the heart with truth, simplicity, and honesty. It’s not every day we are confronted with questions like: When were you happiest? What is your greatest struggle? What is your biggest regret? The answers can be tragic, uplifting, and even funny – but ultimately, they are always healing.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781774711156
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PublisherNimbus Publishing Limited
PublisherNimbus Publishing Limited
Published on October 12 2022
Language eng
Pages 152
Format Hardcover
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Jack Scrine is a journalist and photographer from Australia's East Coast who now finds himself in love with another East Coast, some fifteen thousand kilometres from home. Jack divides his time between fishing for stories and photos and fishing for striped bass. He has never been known to exaggerate his fishing accomplishments. He lives with his wife, Katie, and a headstrong cocker spaniel named Louie, in Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia.