From Palette to Palate

Dale Nichols

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ISBN: 9780986873379

From Palette to Palate

Culinary Artworks from the Digby Pines Kitchen

  Author:   Dale Nichols  
  Artist :   Lynda Shalagan    
  Publisher:  SSP Publications

Chef Dale Nichols and artist Lynda Shalagan have collaborated to create a mouth-watering and eye-opening masterpiece — the finest dishes the venerable Pines has to offer. Yes, there are scallops but so much more — for the vegetarian, the holistic and the environmentally responsible.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9780986873379
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PublisherSSP Publications
PublisherSSP Publications
Published on May 23 2018
Language eng
Pages 128
Format Paperback
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Chef Dale Nichols was born in Moncton, N.B. and began his culinary career in 1981 in Toronto. Moving back east in 1995, he became Executive Chef of the Chateau Halifax and joined Newcastle Hotels in 2003. He became Executive Chef at the Digby Pines Resort in 2009.

Lynda Shalagan is a painter and art teacher in Halifax. Growing up in Vancouver, B.C., she took art classes at Capilano College and transferred to NSCAD in the 1980s. See her representational and abstract work at