Downhomer Almanac Cookbook 1

Ron Young

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ISBN: 9781895109023

Downhomer Almanac Cookbook 1

  Author:   Ron Young    
  Editor :   Downhome Magazine  
  Publisher:  Downhomer

The Downhomer Household Almanac and Cookbook is the first of its kind. There have been almanacs before, and there have been cookbooks before, and this is not the first cookbook to have home remedies and cures, nor is it the first with household hints. There have been books containing humour, heart-touching stories, thoughts to live by, and even books in which to keep track of your family tree, but this is the first book that incorporates all of these. Not only that, this book also contains calendars covering the 1801 to 2050, cooking conversion tables, metric conversion tables, places to keep important dates, photographs, a place to write a biography of yourself, dedications, and much, much more. It is a wealth of information and a place to keep records to be handed down through the generations. This book is a must for people whose family and roots are near and dear to them, and contains a place to keep track of your future family tree (your children and grandchildren). On top of that, the beautiful writings, stories and poems in this book will make you laugh and make you cry. Downhomer Household Almanac and Cookbook is one of the most interesting books you will ever read.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781895109023
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Published on January 1 2001
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Pages 480
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