Courage in the Storm

Thomas H Raddall

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ISBN: 9780919001428

Courage in the Storm

  Author:   Thomas H Raddall    
  Publisher:  Pottersfield Press

She urged the horse on with a jerk at the reins. Judy went on a few steps and stopped again. The object stretched right across her path. It was close and clear now, and Greta gasped. Her very heart seemed to stop beating. For there, like a ghost risen out of the ice, lay a ship. A ship, of all things! A big schooner with three tall masts, all crusted with snow. What was it doing here? Slowly her mind filled with awful suspicion. She tried to put it aside, but it came back. At last she faced the truth.

The little mare had been lost all this time. Instead of crossing the ice, they had been wandering down the river, towards the open sea.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9780919001428
Item PC0007
PublisherPottersfield Press
PublisherPottersfield Press
Published on January 1 1990
Language eng
Pages 60
Format Paperback
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One of Canada's most popular and celebrated writers, Thomas H. Raddall (1903-1994) is the author of a vast collection of fiction and nonfiction works, and a three-time winner of the Governor General's Literary Award. Some of his most beloved novels include His Majesty's Yankees (1942), The Nymph and the Lamp (1950), and The Governor's Lady (1960).