Corvette Navy

James Lamb

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Corvette Navy

  Author:   James Lamb    
  Publisher:  Nimbus Publishing

At the beginning of World War Two, Britain stood alone, relying on the vital supplies transported by convoy across the North Atlantic. The pride of Hitler’s navy, the U-boat wolf-packs, waited there to pick off the slow, unarmed convoys. What stood between the U-boats and their prey were the corvettes. They were small, battered, under-equipped, and in need of repair. They were manned not by naval professionals but by a group of skilled and dedicated amateurs, many still in their teens, their officers often in their mid-twenties. Yet this little band of amateurs took on and beat the German U-boat professionals, and won a vital portion of the war.

James B. Lamb, an ex-corvette officer, captures the excitement as well as the inevitable tragedy involved when teenagers who had never even seen the sea were shoved aboard aged and ill-equipped ships and forced to grow up fast. Trapped in a world gone mad, the crews of the corvettes countered with individualism and a unique sense of the absurd. Amid the antics and fear, these men banded together to become a highly efficient fighting unit. They witnessed history and created some history of their own.

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PublisherNimbus Publishing
Published on April 27 2010
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A native of Toronto, James B. Lamb joined the Royal Canadian Navy in 1939 and spent World War Two on several corvettes. He commanded HMCS Minas and later HMCS Camrose, in which he served from December 1944 until the end of the war. Lamb contributed articles to a number of newspapers and magazines, including the Toronto Star, Saturday Night, and the Financial Post. He died in 2000.