Coming Home

Fiona Steele

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ISBN: 9781773661131

Coming Home

  Author:   Fiona Steele    
  Publisher:  Acorn Press

In this collection, Fiona Steele writes about the journey of coming home — to P.E.I. after moving away and to the Island identity she is rooted in. It is organized in three distinct parts: sandstone, sea, and sky.

Sandstone is about the beginning. It’s the foundation of Steele’s life, family relationships, and understanding her sexuality. Sea follows Steele’s journey of embracing her identity as well as her time living on the mainland. And finally, Sky features many nature poems and the acceptance of her spirituality.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781773661131
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PublisherAcorn Press
PublisherAcorn Press
Published on November 16 2022
Language ENG
Pages 120
Format Paperback
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Fiona Steele studies at the University of Prince Edward Island in the Master of Arts in Island Studies program. She graduated with a double major in Journalism and Communications & Public Policy from St. Thomas University in 2021, where she was awarded the David Adams Richards Prize for Non-Fiction. She currently lives in Charlottetown, PEI, but grew up in Sherbrooke with her parents, sister, cats and horses.