Closer All the Time

Jim Nichols

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ISBN: 9781939017499

Closer All the Time

  Author:   Jim Nichols    
  Publisher:  Islandport Press

The residents of small-town Baxter are going nowhere fast—but not for lack of trying. In this deftly written novel, veteran author Jim Nichols strings together the bittersweet stories of several different characters bound together by shared geography and the insular nature of small-town life. With the Atlantic coastal waters as a backdrop, Nichols artfully explores the nature of connection—hoped for, missed, lost, and found—in Closer All the Time; that very special novel that delivers quick-moving, compelling storytelling with a lasting emotional wallop.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781939017499
Item ISL045
PublisherIslandport Press
PublisherIslandport Press
Published on February 15 2015
Language eng
Pages 176
Format Hardcover
Dimensions9(in) x 6(in)
Shipping weight448(g)
Jim Nichols grew interested in fiction writing while working as a ticket agent for a commuter airline in Rockland. His writing, which draws from his many experiences, has appeared in numerous regional and national magazines including Esquire, Narrative, American Fiction, River City, and Night Train. Nichols now lives in Warren, Maine, with his wife Anne, and their two rescue dogs, Brady and Jessie. They have two grown sons, Aaron and Andrew.