We’re Back from Montreal International Book Fair!
On November 21, 2018

Each year in mid-November, Montreal hosts a huge, six-day book fair—think the Scholastic Book Fair from your elementary school days…times ten. Salon du livre de Montréal is held in a massive downtown convention centre, and showcases the books of more than 300 exhibitors. More than 5,000 people attend each year. It’s a book lover’s dream!

One aspect of the fair aimed at Anglophone publishers is the Translation Rights Fair, which our rights manager, Emily, attended this year. Similar to the meetings at Bologna and Frankfurt with foreign publishers, the aim of Nimbus attending Montreal’s TRF is to establish partnerships with French Canadian publishers who may be interested in translating and publishing our books. Similarly, we are always on the lookout for unique and beautiful French-language books we can bring to our Atlantic audience. Emily had 12 great meetings this year, so keep your eyes on our newsletter for rights deals updates!

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