Digitally Lit: Atlantic Canadian Youth Read
On May 6, 2020

Research reveals we all naturally experience dips in energy levels and alertness mid to late afternoon due to circadian rhythms. So…what are your plans for 3 PM today?

Today (Wednesday, May 6) at 3 PM the Digitally Lit Facebook Page will come to life as we launch Young Dreamers Who Do: Fun Exercises in Creativity & Learning—our first wave of Online Engagement Projects. Borne of the pandemic, these projects were spearheaded by Digitally Lit’s Youth Ambassadors, in the hopes of providing some structure and maybe even a little catharsis for themselves and their peers.

What’s Happening

The event will feature a live recording of a panel interview with four of the Digitally Lit’s Atlantic Canadian Youth Ambassadors. This video focuses on them answering prescreened questions from the general public regarding the inspiration and process behind the creation of their respective Online Engagement Projects.

What You Can Do

Check out their projects! Post a photo for Molly’s #InThisTogether campaign, get writing for Katie’s fanfiction contest, or take Oliver and Jessica’s quiz to see which protagonist you most resemble in selected Atlantic Canadian books. Meanwhile if you have any questions or comments, please inbox us on our Digitally Lit Facebook page.

On behalf of our very hard working and passionate Youth Ambassadors, our best to you all.

More About Digitally Lit

Digitally Lit: Atlantic Canadian Youth Read is an exciting collaborative project spearheaded by Nimbus Publishing & Vagrant Press. Focused on nurturing young people’s love of reading, this youth empowerment strategy is designed to bridge literary and digital spaces through the critical and creative thinking power of digital natives. Collaborating with Atlantic Canadian publishers Breakwater Books, Goose Lane, and Acorn Press alongside Youth Ambassadors representing each of the Atlantic Canadian provinces—PEI, NB, NL and NS—Digitally Lit is managed by an independent team of consultants and funded through the Canada Council for the Arts.

To learn about Digitally Lit’s pilot year, please visit and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @digitally_lit, or chat with us on Twitter @LitDigitally.