C.S. Porter Offers Sagacious Advice for Writers – The Clothing Issue
On January 24, 2022

Author C.S. Porter has written Beneath Her Skin, a dark and gripping thriller, but that doesn’t mean they don’t also have a sense humour…and fashion.


I realize that choosing what to wear when you are writing (or are about to write) has always been a stressful series of decisions for any serious writer. And an extremely private journey. With this first blog my intention is to bring this conundrum into the open, to share some secrets and to encourage all writers, be they essayists, novelists, poets, journalists, etc. to unite in array.


There are no hard rules governing a writer’s attire, (and no penalties in place), but after more than a decade of research I feel compelled to expose my findings and suggestions.


Never wear a man-made fabric, (ie. rayon) unless you are writing science fiction. The same applies to neon colours such as bright chartreuse.


It is fine, indeed encouraged, to wear sandals if you write philosophy. If you reside in a northern clime, wear socks inside the sandals. The Greeks were inspirational with their use of sandals when scribing man’s inner nature.


If you happen to be working on a novel, get into the world of your characters by wearing what you picture them clothed in. Don’t be afraid to change your dress when you approach the dialogue of an opposing voice in your story!


Never wear a bra or any undergarments that are too tight. You must feel comfortable and able to fidget freely.


Avoid hats of any sort. Your creative energy must be allowed to flow through and out of you unrestricted.


Never begin a page if your clothing is unkempt. Food stains, ripped hems and mis-buttoned shirts can impact your self-esteem. Keep it proud, just like the words you use.


It is crucial to select the proper materials for your writing outfit. For example, if you need to wear a light sweater never choose wool. Pick a nice worsted cotton. Wool can be scratchy and could impact your concentration when selecting just the right words.


Be smart about keeping the accessories you put on to a bare minimum. Fussing over garters, suspenders, ties and the like, can profoundly impact sentence structure and tense.


Finally, perhaps most importantly, never consult a mirror. It is essential to your characters that you stay in character.  — C.S. Porter





If you’re interested in critiquing C.S. Porter’s outfit, join us on Thursday, January 27 at 7PM at this online author interview event.