6 Books to Get You in the Mood (Or Get You Through) Valentine’s Day
On February 12, 2019

We hope all of you have a great Valentine’s Day with your loved ones! In celebration of the day of love, we have a few picks of books to get you into the spirit of things, taking you from first romances to lifetime commitment and family.


1. The Goodbye Girls by Lisa Harrington

Breaking up isn’t hard to when you have someone to do it for you, and that’s what main characters Willa and Lizzie set out to do when they start a breakup business at Halifax West High. As much about first love and heartbreak as it is about cyber bullying, it’s also a very humorous and engaging read.


2. Chloe Sparrow by Lesley Crewe

In the same vein as Goodbye Girls (but jump ahead a few years), we have the misfortune-ladden Chloe Sparrow, a producer of hit reality show Bachelor knock-off The Single Guy. This poor girl goes through event after event of bad luck and we can’t help but wish better for her, though it is a guilty pleasure to watch it all unfold!


3. Relative Happiness by Lesley Crewe

A journey of self discovery awaits Lexie Ivy in this “love rectangle” of a story, where two men who come into her life are thrown into the mix with her and her three sisters. Unlike most rom-coms, the outcome of this story is refreshingly unpredictable. And bonus—it was made into a movie!


4. An East Coast Wedding Planner: A Workbook and Informative Guide for Couples Planning a Wedding on the East Coast from the founders of Elegant Productions & Elegant Paper Co.

For some reason (wink), the post-Christmas and Valentine’s season brings on the biggest surge of engagement announcements and bridal shows. For East Coast couples this book can be of immeasurable help in making the endless amount of decisions that come with planning your big day. Featuring advice from some of the best wedding vendors in Atlantic Canada, everything’s covered from attire to ceremony, from cake to calligraphy.


5. A Circle on the Surface by Carol Bruneau

Historical romance, mystery, WWII. These are the themes that form the story of newlyweds Enman and Una of rural Nova Scotia. Though the wartime lives of the Greenes may feel miles away from our own, their hopes and struggles make them timeless and relevant, even all these years later.


6. In the Wake by Nicola Davison

In this contemporary novel we come full circle and meet Emily and Daniel, a married couple with a young son who’ve just moved back to Nova Scotia from Calgary. Their situation is so relatable to families today- a husband who works late, the daily trials of parenthood, and adjusting to a new home. Their secrets, and those of their neighbours, make for an appealing and page-turning read.


Blog post by Meaghan Steeves