NEW Online Permission Guides
On May 4, 2020

Last revised: March 1st, 2021

Nimbus Publishing appreciates our current global situation is unprecedented and calls for new ways of accessing and presenting information and content. We are happy to discuss use of Nimbus content with teachers and educators. Librarians can access guidelines through

We are constantly updating our response to this new online landscape. If you would like to use content from Nimbus Publishing, we have the following guidelines:


  • Authors and Illustrators have access to their own works with approval from their co-creator.
  • Readings/presentations can be live or recorded.
  • Please acknowledge in the recording that you have permission from Nimbus Publishing
  • Local bookstores are our friends! Please refer viewers back to your local bookstore wherever possible.
  • Tag Nimbus Publishing so that we can promote, retweet, share your efforts. @Nimbuspub #NimbusPublishing #ReadAtlantic


  • Please send us an eMail with subject line “Online Permissions” with the following details:
    • Title of the book, along with name of author and illustrator
    • Name of the platform you will be using for the reading or recording
    • The date that the reading will take place or is recorded
    • The name of your school or library, along with location (city/country)
  • Please acknowledge the author/illustrator of the book you are reading
  • You may read the entire picture book or board book; if you are reading a chapter book, please limit each reading to only a few chapters at a time per session.
  • Please acknowledge in the recording that you have permission from Nimbus Publishing
  • Please post on a private platform or a closed group. If your reading is streamed on a social media platform such as Youtube, Facebook Live, or Twitter, the link must be deleted immediately after the event to prevent it from being archived. (To delete, go to your “Live” tab and choose “Delete Forever”.)
  • The post must come down within 24 hours unless otherwise agreed with Nimbus.

By creating and posting any readings aloud of Nimbus Publishing, you are deemed to have agreed to the terms of the permission as set out above.

If you do not fall into either category above, please visit Access Copyright’s Read Aloud Canadian Books Program, or eMail us for more options.