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The countdown is on! In anticipation of Dave Atkinson’s forthcoming quirky and quacky sequel, Cure for Wereduck, we’re giving away two copies of the book that started it all. 

Kate’s family has told her that on her thirteenth birthday she’ll hear the “Whooooo” call of the moon, and howl back, and become a werewolf just like them. But she doesn’t want to be a werewolf. She’s always felt more like a duck.

On the night of her thirteenth birthday, Kate stands near her family’s cabin in the backwoods of New Brunswick and hears the moon callingbut it sounds like more of a “Whooooo?” as in “Who are you?” and Kate does what she’s always wanted to doshe quacks. Quack, quack, quacks.

Her family tries to understand Kate’s new full-moon form, but they are busy integrating themselves with some new, edgy werewolves in town.

Engaging, hilarious, and utterly believable, Wereduck is a thrilling addition to the were-canon.

The contest runs from August 11th – August 22nd and is open to Canadian residents only. To enter, simply click on this Goodreads link between the dates listed above, and it will take you to the contest page where you may submit your entry. Be sure to follow us on Goodreads for your chance at winning this great prize. Good luck and happy reading!

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