You Might Be From Saskatchewan If… (Vol 2)

Demmans Carson, Jason Sylvestre,

You Might Be From Saskatchewan If… (Vol 2)

  Author:   Demmans Carson, Jason Sylvestre,  
  Publisher:  MacIntyre Purcell Publishing Inc.

They’re back. The bestselling authors of You Might Be From Saskatchewan If . . . are back with another laugh out loud romp through the Land of the Living Skies. If it is possible, Volume Two is even funnier. From snowblowers to the 13th man to Dick Assman and Prairie Oyster jokes that never get old, it is all here. It is laugh out loud FUNNY.

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Carson Demmans is a lawyer and a professional humor writer whose work has appeared in numerous magazines and books. He wrote the cartoons for many different books in the For Dummies series and is the author of the first volume of You Might Be from Saskatchewan If . . .

Jason Sylvestre is a freelance writer for the Leader Post newspaper in Regina, he also works as a cartoonist and graphic artist. He has worked for a number of comic book publishers abroad, and continues to self publish all ages comic books funny strips and a toy. He lives in Regina with his wife and two children.