River and the Horsemen

Robert Skimin

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ISBN: 9781933480138

River and the Horsemen

A Novel of Little Bighorn

  Author:   Robert Skimin    
  Publisher:  Bunim & Bannigan

The most compelling account of the Little Bighorn ever written, this powerfully detailed historical novel –imagined on an epic scale with all of the grandeur of the Gilded Age in the East and the Yellowstone country in the West, vividly recreates the lives of two of the most celebrated leaders of the nineteenth century, General George Armstrong Custer and Chief Sitting Bull.

Rich detail of native Sioux spiritually and culture, as well as the American history and politics of the post –Civil War period, master storyteller Robert Skimin spins an intriguing tale of the personal and political events that led to one of the bloodiest days in western warfare –an infamous day that still captures the imaginations of men and women everywhere.

Neither a saint nor a demon, Custer is complex, fascinating, arrogant, yet vulnerable human being. The Battle of the Little Bighorn itself, described in all of its frightening detail, is the riveting climax to the collision of two civilizations: one reaching for its manifest destiny, one struggling for survival.

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ISBN associated with this title:9781933480138
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PublisherBunim & Bannigan
PublisherBunim & Bannigan
Published onMay 1 2012
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Pages 368
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