G comme Gaël

Shelayne Hanson

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ISBN: 9781988747576

G comme Gaël

L'alphabet de la culture gaélique en Nouvelle-Écosse

  Author:   Shelayne Hanson  
  Artist :   Etta Moffatt    
  Publisher:  Bradan Press

Fàilte signifie « bienvenue » : bienvenue au monde de la culture gaélique en Nouvelle-Écosse! Ce livret est une première étape pour les enfants et les adultes qui souhaitent découvrir et comprendre l’histoire, la culture et l’identité gaéliques en Nouvelle-Écosse. Grâce à des illustrations joyeuses et des concepts créatifs, les lecteurs pourront explorer et célébrer l’identité gaélique. Ce livret est destiné aux enfants, aux enseignants, aux parents, aux grands-parents et à toute autre personne qui souhaite en apprendre davantage au sujet de la langue et de la culture gaéliques en Nouvelle-Écosse.

Fàilte means “welcome”—welcome to the world of Nova Scotia’s Gaelic culture! This book is a first step for children and adults looking to understand and connect with Gaelic history, culture, and identity in Nova Scotia. Through joyful illustrations and creative concepts, readers will have the opportunity to explore and celebrate what it means to be a Gael. The book is for children, teachers, parents, grandparents, and anyone who wants to learn more about Gaelic language and culture in Nova Scotia.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781988747576
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PublisherBradan Press
PublisherBradan Press
Published on November 5 2020
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Pages 32
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Shelayne Hanson has been an elementary school educator in Nova Scotia for over 25 years. Grandparents and great-grandparents on both sides of her family spoke Gaelic, but as in so many families, the language was not passed on. Her appreciation of her own heritage deepened through her daughters' learning experiences, and Shelayne supports her girls in sharing the traditions of their Gaelic heritage with others through music and education.