Fionn MacCool and the Salmon of Knowledge

Terri M. Roberts

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ISBN: 9781988747095

Fionn MacCool and the Salmon of Knowledge

A traditional Gaelic hero tale retold as a read-aloud action story for children

  Author:   Terri M. Roberts  
  Artist :   Etta Moffatt    
  Publisher:  Bradan Press

This is the story of the great Gaelic hero Fionn MacCool and why he sucks his thumb. This traditional Gaelic tale is retold as an action story to read aloud. It introduces children to storytelling and to Gaelic oral tradition, language, culture, and belief systems. The book is suitable for use in schools and community groups.

Tales of Fionn MacCool have been popular across the Gaelic world for more than a thousand years. The Gaels brought Fionn tales from Scotland to Nova Scotia two centuries ago and transmitted them orally from one generation to the next as part of their North American Gaelic culture. Today Fionn tales are an important part of Canadian Gaelic heritage and culture.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9781988747095
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PublisherBradan Press
PublisherBradan Press
Published on December 1 2017
Language eng
Pages 20
Format Paperback
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Terri M. Roberts is a Canadian of Scottish and Welsh ancestry who lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She is a former high school English literature and drama teacher with a B.A. in English Literature and Women's Studies and a B.Ed. in Secondary Education from Mount Saint Vincent University. Terri also has over twenty years of experience as a Girl Guide leader, focusing on the delivery of arts programming for all age groups. She specializes in using stories as a teaching tool.