Cornelius’s Conundrum

Paul McAllister

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ISBN: 9780994958334

Cornelius’s Conundrum

The Sewer Central Star

  Author:   Paul McAllister  
  Artist :   Emily Brown    
  Publisher:  Four East Publishing

Head down to the underground with the third book in the beloved Herman the Monster series — Cornelius’s Conundrum! In Conrelius’s Conundrum, Herman and his monster pals put their crashing and banging to good use, starting a band to play at the Sewer Central Arena. But can Cornelius overcome his stage fright and nasty attitude to become a Sewer Central Star? Will the Street Beats get to open up for the legendary Cha Cha Pompador? This nostalgic romp through rock n’ roll history is as fun for parents as it is for the kids. Through Cornelius’s bullying behaviours, young ones learn about healthy communication.

Bullying comes from many different places, notes author Paul McAllister, Cornelius may not be the easiest monster to get along with, but that doesn’t mean that Herman and his pals abandon him.

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ISBN associated with this title: 9780994958334
Item FE0047
PublisherFour East Publishing
PublisherFour East Publishing
Published on November 30 2018
Language eng
Pages 36
Format Paperback
Dimensions8.25(in) x 7.5(in)
Shipping weight120(g)
Paul McAllister is an artist, community organizer, author, and arts activist. When Paul isn't organizing music and arts festivals, writing books, or running Monster House Publishing, you can find him hanging with his three quirky dogs, Panda, Gus and Ruth in their beautiful hometown of Fredericton NB.

Emily Brown, born in 1991, is a New Brunswick artist and illustrator. She is currently working in Toronto's animation industry on the classic children's television show Thomas the Tank Engine. Emily has a Fine Arts degree from St. Thomas University and a post-graduate certificate in 3D animation from Seneca College.