I’m Finding My Talk

I’m Finding My Talk reflects on the destructive effects on colonialism, rediscovering community and finding culture. Former Halifax Poet Laureate and second-generation residential school survivor Rebecca Thomas writes honestly and powerfully in this companion piece to Rita Joe’s I Lost My Talk. With vibrant illustrations from Mi’kmaw artist Pauline Young.

I Lost My Talk

Rita Joe’s essential poetry is presented anew in this children’s picture book with illustrations from Pauline Young. Joe, known as the Poet Laureate of the Mi’kmaw, tells her childhood story of losing her language at Shubenacadie’s residential school. Mi’kmaw culture and language are celebrated in this collection, which joins current conversations about Canada’s shameful history, truth and reconciliation.

Published simultaneously with the companion book I’m Finding My Talk by Rebecca Thomas.

Pauline Pauline

PAULINE FURLONG is a well-established freelance writer who has lived in the Amherst area since 1988, most recently in one of the restored heritage homes for which the picturesque town has become known

Evangeline for Young Readers

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s epic poem, Evangeline, tells the story of two young people deported from beautiful Acadie just before they are to be married and their search for each other that lasts the rest of their lives. First published in 1847, the poem has been important to Acadian identity ever since.

In Evangeline for Young Readers, the tragic story of Evangeline and Gabriel’s Deportation is recounted to a new generation. In simple prose true to Longfellow’s poem, Hélène Boudreau describes the utopian village of Grand-Pré where Evangeline grows up, the traumatizing Deportation, and Evangeline’s relentless search across America for her true love. Patsy MacKinnon’s stunning illustrations bring the story to life in full colour.

Evangeline for Young Readers is a vital interpretation for children of Longfellow’s classic.

Downhomer Almanac Cookbook 2

This book is a follow-up to the first Downhomer Household Almanac & Cookbook, which became a Canadian Best Seller in less than eight months.


  • Recipes – Five hundred and eighty new recipes of all kinds from all over the world, contributed by readers of Downhomer magazine, and laid out in ten easy-to-find categories.
  • Tonic For The Soul – All new stories, writings, poems, information, jokes and real life’s funny experiences. This section will make you laugh and make you cry.

Additions to Almanac & Cookbook 2

  • Grassroots Healing – Eighteen pages on the use of natural products for a healthier body and mind.
  • Astro Guide – A general horoscope by Madam Doziac.
  • Kids’ Recipes – Twenty pages of simple recipes that younger children can do themselves, as well as some interesting and educational reading for the younger set.
  • VIP Pages – A guestbook with a place to record birthdates and anniversaries of the Very Important People in your life, along with historical events and a though to live by for each day of the year.
Historic Amherst

It is hard to ignore the past in a town like Amherst in northern Nova Scotia. The setting fir the Leon Trotsky’s internment in one of Canada’s largest World War One prisoner-of-war camps and for Henry George Ketchum’s unusual plans to build a ship railway, Amherst has witnessed the rise-and sometimes fall- of personal fortunes and revolutionary dreams. Once the battleground for the historic struggle between the English and the French, it has been called home by notable figures of all kinds, including four fathers of Confederation and renowned artist Alex Colville.

Historic Amherst looks at the fascinating evolution of the small community of “Morse’s Corner” into “Busy Amherst,” an Industrial centre for the production of steel, iron and automobiles at its peak in the early 1900s. Supported by priceless photographs that testify to Amherst’s early prosperity as well as to its social, sporting, recreational and agrarian past, this illustrated history promises to inform and delight as it traces the significant moment in this once-bustling bordertown.

Tonic for the Woman’s Soul

Tonic for the Woman’s Soul is the third in Downhome’s Household Almanac and Cookbook series, the previous two making the Canadian best-seller list.

What’s new in Tonic for the Woman’s Soul

  • Understanding Me – Create your own autobiography by simply filling in the blanks—a record of a woman’s life for herself or for those with whom she wishes to share.
  • Life, Love & Laughter – Short stories, jokes, biographies, poetry, facts and much more, all pertaining to women from Newfoundland and Labrador and throughout the world. After all, the best recipe for happiness is to “live, love and laugh.”
  • Recipes – More than 250 recipes contributed by Downhomer readers around the world. Included are Diet and Diabetic recipes with delicious choices for those of us who have to watch a little closer what we eat.
Young Dreamers Who Do

Self-isolation got you bored stiff?! Digitally Lit has charged Youth Ambassadors from across Atlantic Canada to stir things up! These young people have designed and created a series of fun and interesting online activities linking digital literacy and locally published books. We’re celebrating these initiatives—and their incredible creators–with a live Facebook launch party, and we […]

Manitoba Young Readers’ Choice Award (MYRCA) Nominees

No Girls Allowed and The Big Dig have been nominated for the 2021 Sundogs and the 2021 Northern Lights lists, respectively. Both are part of the Manitoba Young Readers’ Choice Award (MYRCA). Congratulations to authors Natalie Corbett Sampson and Lisa Harrington!

Beryl Young

Beryl Young est l’auteure de sept livres pour enfants. Elle écrit des romans, des biographies et des albums illustrés, dont Charlie: a Home Child’s Life in Canada.Finaliste de plusieurs prix littéraires, ce livre a remporté le Silver Moonbeam Award, le Chocolate Lily Award du meilleur livre publié en Colombie-Britannique, et le Choix des lecteurs (Reader’s […]