Eating Wild in Eastern Canada

[…] and fun—with the right guide. In Eating Wild in Eastern Canada, award-winning author and conservationist Jamie Simpson (Journeys through Eastern Old-Growth Forests) shows readers what to look for in the wilds […]

Jamie Simpson

Jamie Simpson is a forester, lawyer, and writer with a passion for exploring our natural world (and sometimes eating it). He is the author of Restoring the Acadian Forest: A […]

Journeys Through Eastern Old-Growth Forests

Yes, there is old-growth forest in the Maritimes. The Acadian Forest, as it is known, is a complex mosaic of various species and ages. Now left only in pockets scattered here and there, these forests will stop you in your tracks, invite your gaze upward, and fill you with wonder. This book begins with a collection of stories about journeys into these old forests, and ends with detailed profiles of 16 of the remaining pockets of old-growth forest in the Maritimes: nine in Nova Scotia, three in New Brunswick, and four in Prince Edward Island. Each site description includes notes on what a visitor can expect to see, and a map and directions showing how to get there. Over 75 colour photographs highlight the incredible beauty and diversity of the region’s forests.

Restoring the Acadian Forest 2nd edition

Restoring the Acadian Forest is a comprehensive resource for woodland owners in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, eastern Quebec, Maine, and northern New England. It explains how to maintain a healthy Acadian Forest woodlot, while restoring its economic and ecological value. The book includes practical advice on woodlot planning, tree harvesting, promoting wildlife habitat, and finding revenue sources, along with a guide to the trees of the Acadian Forest. This new edition includes new sections on legal obligations of owning woodlots and suitable small-scale equipment. This edition is fully illustrated with 120 photographs and illustrations.

Our authors continue to make the Top 5 Local Sellers List

[…] 21 by Theresa Williams, Mommy Don’t by Sherri Aikenhead, Eating Wild in Eastern Canada by Jamie Simpson & Life Sentence: How My Father Defended Two Murderers and Lost Himself all made […]

New Podcast for Book Lovers!

[…] include interviews with Carol Bruneau, Steve Vernon, Sarah Sawler, Quentin Casey, Lesley Crewe, Len Wagg, Jamie Simpson, Linda Moore, and Graham Steele. Three episodes will be available on April 23 at […]