New Brunswick’s Covered Bridges

Sprinkled across the province’s waterways, New Brunswick’s many covered bridges have long been a subject of history and pride. In New Brunswick’s Covered Bridges, Brian Atkinson takes us on a photographic tour of these wooden masterpieces, from the Hartland Bridge, the longest covered bridge in the world, to smaller bridges such as the Maxwell Crossing Bridge.

Atkinson’s delightful photos capture different sizes, shapes, and styles of these magnificent structures, while short write-ups provide history and highway directions. With these bridges slowly succumbing to decay, natural disasters, and even arson, New Brunswick’s Covered Bridges is an invaluable photographic collection of a bygone era.

Fantastic New Brunswick/Nouveau-Brunswick Fantastique

New Brunswick, with its rich tapestry of traditions and cultures including the Mi’kmaq, Maliseet, Acadian, United Empire Loyalist, Irish and Scottish, is more than a political jurisdiction or geographical area; it is a spiritual landscape. A landscape of rustic covered bridges and cascading waterfalls, autumn trees ablaze with colour and green rolling hills, small towns and bustling cities, fishing boats nuzzling coastal wharves and cows grazing in farmland pastures.

From Acadian coastal villages, along the Miramichi, through the Appalachians and the St. John River Valley and out to the Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick /Nouveau-Brunswick Fantastique is a pictorial travelogue and stunning visual tour of a province synonymous with natural beauty, old-world charm, and friendly people.

Wicked Woods

A new collection of ghost stories from every corner of New Brunswick.
Pull up a seat and listen closely-storyteller Steve Vernon has another collection of classic, bone-chilling tales to tell. Steve takes readers from one end of New Brunswick to the other, unearthing dark tales of strange happenings along the way-from the headless ghost that haunts those who pass through Johnville’s covered bridge, to the spirit of a murdered man that guards long-buried treasure at Wolf Point. Drawing on both documented stories and legends passed on by word-of-mouth, Steve sets one spooky scene after another with a storyteller’s attention to every creepy detail, and just a touch of wry humour. It’s as though you’re sitting beside him at the campfire, getting goosebumps as each story unfolds.

The Little Book of New Brunswick

In The Little Book of New Brunswick, Brian Atkinson has beautifully captured the breathtaking panoramas, rustic covered bridges, and white-caped rivers that dominate the landscapes of the province. Travel across the countryside to visit Acadian festivals, misty lakes, and vibrant coastlines. The Little Book of New Brunswick contains 75 colour photographs that give readers a glimpse into the culture, people, and wide open spaces of the “Picture Province.”

Return to the Sea PB

In Return to the Sea, a young girl and her family set off on a summer road trip from Ontario to the Maritimes. On their way to their grandparents’ cottage in New Brunswick they visit many of the most famous tourist attractions east of Ontario: historic Quebec City; the world’s longest covered bridge in Hartland, New Brunswick; the legendary tides of the Bay of Fundy; Peggy’s Cove; the city of Halifax; and Anne’s Prince Edward Island. Everything from the car ride, to pirate stories, bonfires, and bike rides, is cherishingly documented by a young girl.

Following in the footsteps of East to the Sea, Heidi Jardine Stoddart’s Return to the Sea is another enchanting story that captures the wonder and curiosity of a child. Stoddart’s storybook rhyming verse is accompanied by her detailed illustrations making this a perfect tale for all children. In particular, this book makes a wonderful souvenir for boys and girls who have visited the east coast: like the characters in the book, they can remember and recount their magical trip.

Follow the Goose Butt, Camelia Airheart !

Poor Camelia Airheart. She is easily distracted and her GPS — Goose Positioning System — is faulty. When she gets separated from her flock, she gets lost and starts on a journey that will take her all over New Brunswick. Will she ever find her way home to her flock? A beautifully illustrated early chapter book for children.

Helen Coldrick

Helen is a self-taught artist who developed her craft through long hours of sketching and painting. The covered bridges of our picture province have often found their way into her work. After graduating from Salisbury Regional High School in 1956, Helen left Native New Brunswick and headed for the west coast. While raising her family […]

Flavours of New Brunswick

Whether you consider yourself a foodie or dine out only a few times a year, Flavours of New Brunswick offers you a window into the best food the province has to offer.

Canada’s only bilingual province has long been a gathering place for people of differing cultures from around the world. The natural beauty and quality of life that draws people to New Brunswick is today attracting a new generation of chefs, bringing with them new flavours and experiences, and we are all the richer for it.

Some hail from places halfway around the world and bring with them the cooking traditions and sensibilities of their homelands. For those who grew up on the East Coast, they have not only kept the culinary traditions of their home province alive but have adapted them and given them new life. The result is a food scene that has never been more innovative or diverse.

In Flavours of New Brunswick, the best of the regions epicurean leaders take food lovers on a culinary journey through the province’s emerging hotspots. The book is a celebration of the culinary scene in all its resplendent glory.

Underground New Brunswick

Underground New Brunswick features fifteen accessible essays from practicing archaeologists, professors, and enthusiasts detailing recent excavations and restorations from around the province. Stories range from the prolific to the downright unusual, and include the discoveries of New Brunswick’s most famous treasure-hunter, the preservation of a Golden Hawk aerobatic jet, and a Miramichi forensic investigation aided by a psychic. The collection also features recent work at some of the province’s National Historic Sites, such as Wolostoq, Augustine Mound, Forts La Tour and Jemseg, and Fredericton’s Old Government House.

Including over 100 photographs of excavation sites, historical documents, and recovered artifacts, as well as a glossary, educational sidebars, and recommended readings, Underground New Brunswick will widen the horizons of archaeology enthusiasts and history lovers.


Fredericton, the city of stately elms, is nestled within the Saint John River Valley in the heart of New Brunswick. Founded between 1783 and 1785, mostly by Loyalists and their sympathizers, the city was to become a stronghold for the Church of England, headquarters for the British military and a centre for culture. Dominated by politics and education and rich in history and the arts, Fredericton is home to the Centennial Building, the seat of the provincial legislature, and the University of New Brunswick. As well, it boasts many elegant homes, museums, galleries, and magnificent buildings such as Christ Church Cathedral. Picturesque and tranquil, blending historic charm with the amenities of modern commerce, Fredericton remains the perfect small city, retaining its intimate charm and air of gentility.

This revised edition features several new images of the city.